Autohelm - software and hardware to enable self managing sail boats

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Project Goals

- Modify a radio controlled model sailboat such that it can be instructed to sail to a given lat/lon and then proceed on an optimal course independently adjusting sail controls to most efficiently arrive at the destination.

- The model must deliver all telemetry from sensors, all adjustments to sail controls and all decisions made back to a recording control computer for post sail analysis and playback.

- The model must accept in flight commands to adjust destination.

- The model must be able to switch at any time between normal human-operated remote radio control and fully automatic control from on-board computer.

- All processing for the automatic sailing pilot must occur on the boat. No external power or control is allowed when sailing under computer control.

- Extra Credit Goal #1: Navigate to a specific relative point based only on the triangulation of two fixed radio signals. (e.g. "Move to a point 1 meter east of beacon A and 2 meters south of beacon B.")

- Extra Credit Goal #2: Navigate solely based on the compass to a specific location, account for cross track error and other displacements from course using accelerometers only. Logo